Volleyball players can get injured.

Volleyball-Injuries-Tip-Sheet-cover.jpgAs volleyball participation has increased, so have volleyball injuries. While this sport ranks lowest for injuries, volleyball players are still at risk for both traumatic and overuse injuries. 

The good news is, volleyball injuries can be prevented and treated.  

Sports medicine and coaching professionals have developed a set of steps that, if taken, help to keep volleyball players on the court and healthy. This Volleyball Injuries Tip Sheet provides a handy, quick reference that's perfect for sharing with parents, coaches, and athletes of all ages.

The tip sheet includes:

  • An overview of the most common types of volleyball injuries
  • Tips for injury prevention in volleyball training
  • Info on treatments for low back pain as well as shoulder, finger, ankle, and other injuries

For both experienced players and young athletes, these tips will help prevent and treat injuries. Fill out the form at right and download the tip sheet.

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