You can help young baseball players stay healthy.

Baseball-Injuries-Tip-Sheet_cover.jpgYouth sports injuries are on the rise. The repeated stress that baseball puts on elbows and shoulders can put young players at risk of injuries that, if not treated, can become permanent or require surgery.

The good news is, baseball injuries can be prevented and treated.  

Recent research has resulted in a set of clear steps that, if taken, help to keep young baseball players on the field and healthy. This Baseball Injuries Tip Sheet provides a handy, quick reference that's perfect for sharing with parents, coaches, and young athletes.

The tip sheet includes:

  • Clear steps for preventing baseball injuries
  • Guidelines for maximum pitch counts and rest periods
  • Info on treatments for common elbow and shoulder injuries

Whether your young athlete is just starting baseball or is an experienced player, these tips will help prevent and treat injuries and give you peace of mind. Fill out the form at right and download the tip sheet.

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